Friday, September 01, 2006

Jesus in the Sky with the Pearl of Great Price

There is a very thoughtful posting by Jay
at, "What if Jesus Appeared in the Sky Every Night?".

Like one of the commentors, I used to think that with such "hard evidence", even great skeptics would be converted, but now I have seen too much evidence of hardness of heart, in which the person to whom Christ is calling simply does not want to hear the call.

Why? Because the Pearl really does exact a great price. It is so hard for us to let go of our folly and our sin. Even after we hear the voice of the Master and follow, who among as has never fallen, never looked back? I know that, for myself, I could never have succeeded without the powerful helps of God's actual grace. When I first had the stunning encounter with Christ the Good Shepherd, among the first thoughts I had when I came to myself was--"Oh no, not you, Jesus!". Because I knew how "uncool" this would be to my family and friends. And I knew I would have to change.

As each day of my new life in Christ passes (8 years, now) I become more and more grateful that My Good Shpeherd came for me, and that He gave me the grace to hear His voice. Let us pray with great love and compassion for all those whose hearts are hardened by their own desires, who are "looking for love in all the wrong places", that they may at last hear His lovely voice.

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