Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Almost Holy Week

Apparently I have almost given up Blogging for Lent. I wish that I could say I have made a "Good Lent", but I don't know.

My daughter and I resolved that we would be more loving and less argumentative with each other this Lent, but in my judgement, that has been a miserable failure--and mostly owing to me, I might add. Sara has her own set of issues, as do we all, but she is less responsible for our constant bickering simply because she is less adult, and some of her struggles to be civil to me have to do with her condition (she is a fairly high function person who does have Pervasive Developmental Disability), so she may be expected to sometimes view me as the enemy, etc...
just like most adolescent daughters do.

I, however, have no excuse. Every day I tell myself that I will remain patient and loving. Every day I pray for the grace to be faithful to this resolution. Almost every day I fall down, at some time. Its pretty well beyond humbling, let me tell you.

And yet I still want this to be the Lent where I can look back and say. "From that time on, she left everything and followed the Lord."

Since the Lord always leads to Calvary before Easter, this is hard. Harder than hard, it is impossible for me unless He carries me. I know He is, because I would be just a disintigrated pile of goo were He not, but I am at a "seeing only one set of footprints" stage.

If anyone reads this, please pray for me.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Really? No Kidding!

You scored as Roman Catholic.

You are Roman Catholic.
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Evangelical Holiness/Wesleyan






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What's your theological worldview?
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