Friday, November 10, 2006

The Arborticide Shame Test

Wittingshire has posted the most telling thoughts I have encountered on abortion.

Three times I've had to explain abortion to a child. Each time I, too, felt ashamed. There's no way to soften this blow; children are fascinated by pregnant women, love to point out that not so long ago they were inside their own Mommy's tummy. They may not know the biological details, but they know where babies come from; they know how their own lives began.

Each time circumstances demanded that I explain abortion to a child, I watched that child's eyes grow big with disbelief, then sick with horror. And each time I knew that some fundamental trust of adults, some basic belief that grown-ups were merciful and just, had gone.

Oddly, each of my children said, then, the same thing: "I know it must be true because you say it is, Mommy, but I really don't want to talk about it."

And each turned from me and walked away.

You know, I have never thought about having to have that discussion. Really puts it in perspective, doesn't it?

I found this by way of John C. Wright whose own article on the subject is very good, with some interesting comments dialogue.
As I read it, John's own awakening to the horror of abortion came thusly:
For all the years of my life, they told me that a child in the womb was not a human, or, at least, that whether he was human or not was a matter of personal conviction. Every art and artifice at their command, peer pressure, personal insult, sly propoganda in the midst of otherwise innocent books and movies, all, all was directed toward this end: to deaden my natural sense of right and wrong, so that I would regard as a merely personal choice what was actually the crime of Medea.

When my son was (wrongly) diagnosed as having a spinal disease, the doctor urged us to consider "all our options" by which he meant my wife and I should contemplate the murder of our child. When I finally saw a sonic picture of my son in the womb, even at seven weeks, he was as clearly human as any pro-abortionist with whom I'd been debating (and their ability to reason was not noticeably more acute than his, to judge by their performance).

So, the pro-aborts are basically a group of people tried to get me to kill my son.

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