Sunday, August 26, 2007

My Latest Rosary up at Ave Maria

This is one of my very favorite Rosaries, and I especially love that I found these terrific beads to use. The Ave beads are 6mm vintage Swarovski hobnails with a beautiful AB coating on one side of the bead. (See how some of the rounds appear to have AB and others do not, in the photo--this is owing to the one sided coating). This crystal is totally opaque, like fine milk glass. The Our Father beads are also this same lovely old milk glass crystal, but they are older--really more like very vintage, or antique, and the AB is on all the faceted surfaces.
Really fantastic!

I love the purity of the white for First Communion, plus the shape of the Ave beads hints at the Eucharist, and the AB, especially on the Our Father beads seems to me to be sort of Eastery, which is the heart of First Communion "season".

I used a gold filled Crucifix and a vintage reproduction goldplate over Sterling Silver center. The center is especially nice for a Communion theme, as it depicts two adoring angels flanking the chalice and Host. The little medal you see in the photo is a tiny Miraculous Medal.

Although this was designed as a Communion Rosary, I think it works well for any special occasion gift for a young lady--or a woman for that matter, as the 6 and 8mm beads make it not too small for adult hands.

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