Friday, March 13, 2009

My Misery--His Graciousness

As I struggle my way through Lent, I find myself wrestling with my usual difference between what I desire to do and what I am actually doing.  I begin anew today with empty hands.  Oddly enough, though, I am in high spirits!  What a grace it is to be able to receive so much from the Father.  Every tiny act that through grace, God grants me to carry out, He then receives from me as if it were the most precious pearl, the greatest work of art, that He has ever seen!

And what is more amazing, an even more thrilling manifestation of mercy, when I stumble, when I show up with empty hands and brokenness, God just pours His mercy over me; as Fr. Donald Calloway would say, He just mercifies me!

With these thoughts in my mind this morning, I thought that Air Maria's daily feature of meditations based on the letters of  Padre Pio was particularly apt for this.

From St. Pio's pen:

He will grant you His grace, and will raise the throne of His glory over your abjection and vileness.”

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