Monday, June 26, 2006

RE: Long Time No Meme at Hot Carmel Sundae

From Confessions of a Hot Carmel Sundae, Via Rambling GOP Soccer Mom.
The ABC Meme

Accent: Southern Indiana, which is upper south, with a twang, I guess.
Butter or Margarine: Butter.
Chore I Hate:Bookkeeping
Dog or Cat: Love both, but if must choose, then cat.
Essential Electronics: Computer, and I hate to say it---cell phone.
Favorite Cologne(s): None
Gold or Silver:Silver
Hometown: W Terre Haute, IN
Insomnia: Nope, I can sleep just fine.
Job Title: In between job titles, but always mom.
Kids: one
Living arrangements: too small house.
Most admirable trait: clueless--no, I mean I am, not that its admirable!
Nicknames: Shorty, the short woman, the little woman, mamacita.
Overnight hospital stays: Birth of baby, and a couple of surguries which shall remain nameless.
Phobias: Starting projects
Quote: "Life is a like a single night spent in a bad inn" --St. Teresa of Avila
Religion: Roman Catholic
Siblings: none
Time I wake up: around 5 am
Unusual talent or skill: rosary making
Vegetable I refuse to eat: love 'em all.
Worst habit: getting irritable with my daughter.
X-rays: I glow in the dark, now.
Yummy stuff I cook: Bean soup, cottage cheese dumplings, Veggie soup

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Donna T said...

You have so many admirable traits I can understand it being hard to choose one. I for one would never say you are clueless. A little gullible maybe but definitely not clueless.

Donna T.