Monday, June 05, 2006

The Speculative Mind vs The Will

"The human mind has two faculties: one speculative, which is directed
to knowledge; the other the will, which carries that knowledge into
action, and which chooses and decides. An evil life does not spoil the
speculative intellect. An atomic scientist who is immoral does not
directly impair his atomic knowledge. But when it comes to judgment, to
directing and guiding, then the evil life exercises its influence. Any person
who consults a psychiatrist should first make an analysis of the kind
of life he lives, because though his scientific equipment may be good,
when it comes to giving counsel, the doctor may be incapable. Our
Blessed Lord warned that behavior affects attitudes toward Him. 'You will not
come to Me because your lives are evil.' " --Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen

How true I have found this to be! In my own life, when I first returned
to the Lord, the formation of my will to do evil had become quite strong. I was
without any sort of resistance to temptation. Still I pay the price for turning
away from God. I pray always to be protected in my weakness, and my poor
guardian angel has a fight on his hands every day.
I have seen this very much in others, as well. I have a very dear friend
whose intellect is quite amazing, but because he has in the past led a very
dissolute life, now his lens on the world is so very dark, and as well, he simply
is presently incapable of hearing the Good News.

Dearest Jesus, deliver us from our selfmade hells!

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