Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Beautiful Article on Mary and Redemptive Suffering by Shane Kapler at Catholic Exchange

Here is a lovely reflection on Mary and redemptive suffering. 

I need reminders of this in my own life.  You know I worry sometimes that one can accept sufferings that one ought to be changing.  I am still struggling with the parameters of this.  At heart, I believe that whatever God sends is a grace--so that it is hard to pray for deliverance.  But again, we are exhorted to lay our needs before tha Lord.

I guess that the best attitude is that which St. Pio counseled:   "Pray and don't worry!"

Worrywart that I am; I need this admonition!  Being able to rest in the Lord and accept suffering as Grace and Tonic from His hand is in itself a wonderful grace!   When, in the laboratory of my daily life, I am working on this (and it seems I often am), I find the Holy Name and the brief prayer, "Jesus, I trust in You!" to be the biggest help.


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Shane Kapler said...

Mary, I'm very happy that you liked the article. It was the product of praying the Rosary on the way to work one morning in December. It just amazes me how much depth their is in the mysteries of our Faith. I've thought about the Eucharist so many hours and then woosh, the Holy Spirit pulls back that blind and reminds me how much more there is to be pondered - things that I will have to attentively sit at His Feet, waiting for them to be revealed.
Love the name of your blog. Oh, and I see that you too are mesmerized by our Lord's Baptism - me too.