Thursday, March 11, 2010

Halfway Through Lent

Well, we are about halfway through Lent. I have spent some time this morning looking at what I have undertaken so far, and my results are mixed. As one might expect, I have done the best with those things to which I am more naturally attracted, and the worst with things that are the greatest struggle for me. To wit, MBM (My Big Mouth).

I have not been entirely unsuccessful but I can do better. I would also like to be more abstemious with certain things than I am at present, more in line with my original resolve.

Putting on the full armor of the Lord, I journey forth again today to my small world to do spiritual battle. I take heart from the antiphon for midday prayer throughout Lent:

"As I live, says the Lord, I do not desire the sinner to die, but to turn back to me and live!"

Turning, turning, turning.

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