Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Merry Christmas Season

It is my wish and prayer that all of you have a joyous and blessed Christmas season.

I had hoped to go to Midnight Mass, but ended up at the 10am on Christmas morning. And you know what, I'm glad it worked out that way. Evidently the crush and throng had attended one of the two anticipation services or the Midnight Mass (which, with its promised concert and carol singing was surely enticing--and hey, you know its Midnight Mass, so cool) so that the 10 am was peaceful, though still festive. And I am also happy to relate that we (my daughter and I) arrived early.

The Church was beautiful, the small ensemble very lovely, and best of all, Jesus was there. I very much enjoyed Fr. Jim's homily, the readings, etc.....and best of all, Jesus was there.

After Mass, we took time for Lauds (a bit late, but hey, its Christmas) and to look at the nativity scene, the flowers, and to enjoy the lingering aroma of the incense....
and best of all, Jesus was there.

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