Thursday, December 13, 2007

A Poster of Controversy

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the Blog of Lon has a very interesting and controversial post regarding how Jesus' actual teachings are or are not followed by those who call themselves Christians.

Look at the poster and think about it. Where do you stand here? The actual post has excellent comments, some of which get close to my thoughts here, without actually getting there. Here goes.

I know that Jesus loves each of these people with an everlasting love, and that he died to save them. What greater service could there be than that? However, he never condoned evil or endorsed or served the causes of those who do evil. Look at all of his interaction with the Pharisees. Look at the cleansing of the temple. Yet even this is service, because to tolerate evil inanother does not do them any service of love, but is in itself sin.
Jesus, who truly loves Osama bin Ladin (but who abhors all evil) would never serve him in any way which enabled him to continue in falseness. Rather, He died for him, and calls out to him to turn away from evil and do good. To me, the image is an apparent contradiction, but really the deeper one goes, the more one can see that it is not so. It is just hard for people to get past the rather shocking image.

It is so hard for us to accept the idea that God loves passionately the one whom we hate. And we must not hate--but that does not translate to endorsing, accepting or "serving" evil

So while I find the image controversial and thought provoking, I don't find it offensive or dissonant in the way which many seem to.

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