Monday, December 31, 2007

Something to Carry With Us On the Coming Year's Journey

Father Gabriel of St. Mary Magdalen OCD, (Author of the great spiritual Classic, Divine Intimacy) reminds us:

'When Jesus says to us, "Be you perfect as also your heavenly Father
is perfect", He gives us a model of perfection that we can never
exhaust. The perfection of the very greatest saints when compared
with God's perfection is nothing. Jesus teaches us then not to rest
complacent in the degree of perfection we have attained, nor be
satisfied with our progress or even our efforts. Compared with the
lofty ideal He sets out for us, we are nothing. This is why He tells
us never to stop, never to say, "This is enough." No matter how much
progress we make, we never advance far enough. Who, indeed, can
become as just, as merciful as God? As long as we are on earth, our
holiness will always consist in a continual tending toward divine

Wishing you a fruitful and joyous journey in the new year!

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