Friday, February 13, 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday

1-- The thing I am really liking about Vicodin right now--I know, but really--is the way that it is enabling me to function without having to try to disregard the feeling that my dentist has plowed a deep furrow in my jaw. Having tried aspirin, Rapid Release Tylenol and Motrin to no avail, I was so relieved to be able to have this called in to the neighborhood Pharmacy. Dilemma-I return to work in the morning, and I know I can't drive with this. So I will be offering up, big time

2-- I am learning to appreciate rural northern Indiana. I am a country girl by nature anyway, but not a northern, cool weather type. Still, there is a crispness in the air here, and...all these little lakes. My current favorite little lake name is Pretty Lake. Yep,...Pretty Lake.

3--Another new pastime is trading lolspeak messages with my daughter via Stumbleupon's send to feature. It's silly, but it connects us, and I love that. Plus, there are all those cute kittehs.

4--It has been so long since I have had to look for a place to live, and now I am looking for a little apartment or trailer or some such. Having been assigned a store in northern Indiana, and not having plans to move the family up here from southern Indiana, puts me in a growing new class of "commuters". We stay on the road all week and just go home on the weekend, or every other weekend, if the distance is far. Heck, my boss flies home from here to the Pittsburgh area every week. How is that for commuting?
I want a lot for a little money, and the surprising thing is that I think it can be had up here, at least if I could just find it. Another aspect of small town life is that advertising and rentals don't work the same as in the big city--less available media, for one thing. Plus more people know each other, and the market is smaller. So, more word of mouth, and I am out of that loop, except for what my associates can turn me on to.
The downside for me, right now, is that I really need to find something this week, as my two paid weeks in the motel are up. Tossed in to the mix is the fact that my company wants me to fly out to their G.O. next week for a seminar. so when I come back I will either be paying weekly motel rates out of my own pocket, which I don't want to do, or I will have found a place this week, to avoid that. My best option so far, which I like except for this one thing---only a shower, no bath(!!!)--is a little one bedroom apartment in North Judson. I sense another opportunity to practice self-renunciation is in the offing.
Divine Providence looks out for me in all things.

5-- Really in all things. I have told people before that I have a deal with Saint Francis. I don't know if you could call it a deal, but I have asked the serious intercession of St. Francis that I don't hit any animals while driving. I just grieve over this. And its been years now, probably because St. Francis is a powerful intercessor with God and he really gets along with all of God's creatures and loves them. Last night he saved me from a deer collision, and the deer from a car collision. I didn't even see the beautiful doe coming, but suddenly there she was--and she turned in a split second on a hoof and bounded back the other way.
surely less than a second to spare. Thanks be to God! and thank you St. Francis--I love you, too!

6-- Most late nights, Fr. Z's Radio Sabina keeps me company. Right now I am listening to some lovely chant. Thanks Father Z, for all you do for us! Even get a bit of society here, as I love participating in his chat at the same address, when he opens it.
Oh, just now started playing "Ubi Caritas"which is a great favorite of mine.

7-- And I have just started Twittering and adding to my Facebook page. I think all of this being away from my family and my familiar life is prompting an urge to reach out? Don't know, but it is all a very interesting experiment. And I love my new laptop.

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