Friday, February 13, 2009

Haunted--Powerful Post at The Raving Theist

"The two carefree young women in the bar were roommates. One of them was pregnant. The condition was temporary. In a few days her late-summer drinking companion would drive her to a clinic for an abortion, just as she had driven so many other friends to “get theirs.” That appointment made way for a relaxing evening, for the aversion the pregnant woman briefly felt towards alcohol was relieved by a sensible reminder.

“You are going to kill it anyway.”

Her friend was indifferent to who heard this remark (and many did) because the observation was so ordinary. It was like explaining why it didn’t matter if paint splattered on a pair of worn, soon-to-be discarded shoes. After another round of drinks and cheerful conversation, the comment would be forgotten.

It would also be remembered, some 18 years later."

The post goes on to relate how, 18 years later, the friend Jean found Carla on Facebook, and wrote to her, expressing her sorrow and regret at what she had done in helping her friend to procure an abortion. The letter is published here to0, as well as the comments of Carla and others. What was most "haunting" to me, was the fact that there were commenters to the post who brought out how they had "been Jean" in another woman's life, and their regret. I narrowly escaped being "Jean" to another young woman, I now realize by God's intervening grace, for which I am forever thankful.

Everywhere I look now, I am seeing evidence of how our culture covers up the truth, promoting the lie that abortion is "no big deal". Women and men are truly haunted by this. It changes lives, mangles something in our souls. Truly God's law is written on our hearts and we know, in ways we may not be able to express at the time, that what we do here is deeply wrong.

But the more we look at this, talk about it and bring it out to the light, the more we can be healed, in God's Light, in God's Mercy.

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