Sunday, February 01, 2009

Brave New World

Here is a must read post at Patrick Madrid's blog.  For those still laboring under the delusion that the world is in a population crisis.  It is, but not of the sort you might imagine.  If you are over fifty, you might feel a tad uneasy.  You'd be right to.

From the post:

it or not, and there's every reason to believe we won't like it —
renegotiating the established social contract in response to global
aging will soon dominate and daunt the public policy agendas of all the
developed countries” (p. 5).

Peterson means by “renegotiate the established social contract” is: You
retired people, as well as all you who expect to retire in the next
decade or two, don't expect that you'll be taken care of by the rest of
us the way you now are or expect to be taken care of. Safety nets like
Social Security and Medicare may have to be drastically downsized or
even, if the economy deteriorates badly enough, eliminated. In other
words, we may not be able to continue paying for the "burdensome
expenses" old people impose on an ever-shrinking younger workforce
(Thanks, contracepting couples! Thanks, abortion industry!). And what
happens then? 

been saying for years now what is being reported yet again in this
article. What is now known as the “right to die movement” is steadily
morphing into what will soon become the “
obligation to
die movement.” Watch and see. It's happening right now, before our
eyes, though just imperceptibly enough not to raise any significant
alarm. When it does finally come out into the open, many people will be
so desensitized to this looming new evil that those promoting it will
have little difficulty imposing it on our ever more effete population. 

politics of “young versus old” is rising, slowly but surely, and we
will live to see its pernicious effects. Soon enough we will begin to
see how the demographic winter results in an intergenerational
struggle. The younger people, who have lived their entire lives
learning from the media and our culture as a whole that other people
are only useful or valuable insofar as they do one or more of a few
things: give sexual pleasure, provide entertainment, make money, or
produce some kind of product or service."

What comes next?  something wicked, I should think.

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