Monday, November 19, 2007

New US Military Chaplain Appointed!

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Thanks be to God, we have a new US Military Chaplain. Archbishop Timothy Broglio has been appointed by the Holy Father as the new head of the archdiocese for the Military Services, USA--a flock of some 1.4 million Catholic.

Archbishop Broglio, who is originally from Cleveland Ohio, is currently the apostolic nuncio in the Dominican Republic and the papal delegate to Puerto Rico.

The US military see has been vacant for only 7 weeks, since the for shepherd, the Archbishop Edwin O'Brien, was installed as Archbishop of Baltimore. To me, this short period of vacancy
(hey 7 weeks is blazing speed for any bureaucracy) is a mark of touching concern on the part of the Holy Father.

I believe it is very rare for a US native, once part of the Vatican Service, to return to a US Diocese. Archbishop Broglio, welcome home.

Thank you, Papa!

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